Stylus RMX always follows the tempo information of the host, so you set the tempo from the host application’s tempo controls.

Stylus RMX is able to play back grooves at a wide range of tempos without sacrificing sound quality due to the marriage of our Groove Control® development method and the powerful advance of our SAGE Technology.


If you want to achieve tempo changes within a piece of music (as is common with film-scoring), different hosts handle the issue of clock transmission to plug-ins in different ways—with the musical results varying a great deal. You may notice jerkiness or gaps in Groove Menu MIDI mode or when triggering grooves playing within RMX in sync with your song with tempo changes.

For this reason, we would recommend using Slice Menu MIDI Mode and the MIDI Files for any music that requires tempo changes. The results in Groove Menu MIDI Mode may work, but it depends on many other factors from the host side. Slice Menu MIDI mode will likely always give a sample accurate timing result that will be consistent on every playback.