When RMX is first opened, the Edit Group editing area is covered by the Edit Group Grill.

For users who wish to only use the MAIN Edit Group, the grill can be left in place and these additional Edit Group features can be ignored. In this case, any change to an Element would affect the whole Element.

For example, changing the Coarse Pitch parameter will always change the pitch of every slice in the Groove.

The Edit Group grill is removed by clicking on the grill itself. Once it has been removed it stays uncovered unless you access an area that does not work with the Edit Group feature.

An example of this would be the MASTER FX sub-page. There are no Master FX parameters that work specifically with each Edit Group, so you will always find the grill covering the Edit Group editing area when visiting that sub-page. Once you return to a page that does work with Edit Groups, the grill disappears on its own.


The Edit Group shown in the display is the active Edit Group on all RMX editing pages for that Part. Any parameter that is adjusted will affect the sounds in the Edit Group displayed in this window.

Clicking on the window itself reveals a drop-down menu that allows you to select Edit Groups (if multiple Edit Groups currently exist).

The drop-down menu also lets you Activate or De-activate Edit Groups.


This button solos an Edit Group by silencing the other Edit Groups on that Part.


This button mutes an Edit Group.

Be sure to watch the Edit Groups tutorials for a demo.