In addition to the numerous ways to add sounds to RMX, there are a wealth of sound options that are included with Stylus RMX for you to use as a starting point for your own creativity.

Here’s what’s available at a glance—click the links to find out more:


The Core Library

Groove Element Library – Thousands of Groove Control audio loops, organized by tempo.
Sound Menus – Over 10,000 unique one-shot samples, organized by type.
Kit Modules – Over 3,000 Cutting-edge Drums and Cymbals, organized by type.

Categorized Directories

Example Groove Menus Library – Classic Stylus and new genre-based Groove Menu Suites.
Groove Elements Directory – Suites of individual instrument grooves.
Genre Suites Directories – Epic Energy, Urban, Swing, Club, Breakbeats, Electro directories.

The Factory Patch Library

Multi Patch Library – Hundreds of new Multitrack grooves organized by type and tempo.
Kit Patch Library – Hundreds of new Kits organized by type.
FX Patch Library – Creative library of settings for each effect in the rack.
FX Rack Library – Hundreds of cool effects rack combinations organized by type.
Spectrasonics S.A.G.E. Xpander Libraries – All five Spectrasonics SAGE Xpanders are part of the Stylus RMX Xpanded library.

Optional Sounds:

S.A.G.E. Xpanders™

• Four additional SAGE Xpander titles available from ILIO..

Imported Audio

User REX Files – Audio Loops sliced by Reason Studios’ ReCycle™ application.
• Commercial REX Libraries – Hundreds of REX file audio loop collections in various styles