The Stylus RMX directory contains five sub-directories and a Documentation folder:


This directory contains all the Core Library .db files. There are no User-serviceable files in here. Do not delete of move any of these files or RMX will not work correctly. The contents of this directory should look like this:


When the HELP function in the Utility Menu is selected, this Reference Guide is opened in your computer’s browser. The Reference Guide is always current with the plug-in.


This directory is the area that RMX uses for preference and support files.


This directory contains all the defaults, Multis, Parts, Kits, and FX Patches for Stylus RMX.

There are six sub-directories: DEFAULTS, KITS, MULTIS, PARTS, EFFECTS, and MIDI LEARN.


This directory contains the default patch files for Multis, Parts, and Kits. When creating custom default files, this is where they must be saved.


The Multis directory contains all factory and User Multi patches. These Multi patches can be organized however you like by adding directories and giving them custom names.

Each directory that is created will result in a sub-heading of the same name in the Multi Name Display drop-down menu.

Multis can also be accessed and managed via the Utility Menu.


This directory stores all Kit Patches inside RMX and displays them in a drop-down menu in the Kit Name Display. Managing Kit Patches is the same as for Multi Patches.


This directory contains all User-created Part Patches. They may be accessed via the Utility Menu.


This directory contains the complete library of FX Patches for all the individual FX and Racks. You can add directories and organize FX Patches the same way you can with Multi Patches.


The MIDI Learn directory contains all saved MIDI Learn Templates.


This directory contains any Favorite Menus or Kit Modules that have been saved inside RMX.

There are two sub-directories:


This directory stores all User Favorite Groove Menus that have been saved. If a Multi Patch was created using a Favorite Groove Menu and you want to share that Patch with someone, this is where you would find the Favorites Menu Suite to include with the Multi Patch.


This directory stores all the Favorite Kit Modules that have been saved. If a Kit Patch was created using a Favorite Kit Module and you wanted to share that Kit Patch with someone, this is where you would find the Favorite Kit Module Suite to include with the Kit Patch.

Please watch the Suite Editing tutorial video for a complete demonstration of how the Favorites system works in Stylus RMX.