The User Libraries directory contains all of the converted “non-Groove Control” audio loops imported with the REX File Import feature in the Standalone.

If you batch convert an entire REX library by using drag and drop in REX File Import, a new library directory with corresponding Suites will be created automatically.

If you convert Suites of REX files, they are first placed in the Converted REX Files library directory.


Since the list of Converted REX Suites can get very long over time, you can manually reorganize the suites directory on your drive.

Simply create your own Library directory folders inside the SAGE/SAGE Libraries/User Libraries folder, and move the desired Suite directories into them.

This helps keep all your imported sounds organized. In the picture below, the “Converted REX Files” directory does not appear in the list of User Libraries. This is because the “Converted REX Files” directory is empty and all of the imported Suites have been moved to the four custom named directories.