Time Designer is an innovative feature in Stylus RMX 1.7 that allows dramatic manipulation of audio loops.

When working with audio loops, the major challenges have always been to get Grooves with different feels to work well together or to change their time signatures while retaining their feel.

The amount of effort required to edit loops manually can hamper the creative process, and just as often the results won’t be obvious until a lot of time had been spent on the editing.

Using Time Designer, a loop can have its time signature, pattern, feel, and complexity changed in real time, in ways that are both intuitive and musical.

Time Designer lets you lock the feel of a groove to different timing grids, and allows any loop to be Groove-Locked to the feel of any other loop in the RMX library, or to an external MIDI File.

Using a simple set of controls, Time Designer also offers Time Shifting, Swing, Pattern Variations, and, of course, Simplify, one of the coolest and most-requested features for RMX.

Changes made using Time Designer are fully integrated with RMX’s Chaos Designer and other features, for even more variation and deeper control over the Grooves.

Check out the Time Designer and Time Designer in Groove Menu tutorials for more info.