Time Shift allows Grooves to be offset by a number of beats (Coarse), or shifted in time (Fine):

  • Coarse: Offsets a Groove in 16th note intervals up to +/- 4/4.
  • Fine: Rushes or drags a Groove in 1ms intervals up to +-100 ms.

Both Coarse and Fine can be applied simultaneously for fine-tuning the position of the beats in a groove.


Click on either the Coarse or Fine Displays to access a drop-down menu of available Time Shift values. Select the desired value, and it will be applied immediately to your groove.


Time Shift values will be reflected in the Pattern Display Area. When using Time Shift, portions of the Groove may shift outside the start or end of the loop. The color of those slices will darken when you do a coarse Time Shift, to remind you that the slices are “wrapping around” and slices that were at the beginning of the Groove are now at the end (or vice versa).

Check out the Time Designer tutorial video.