Trigger Mode controls the playback synchronization of all the Elements on a particular part. This feature is extremely useful in Groove Menu MIDI Mode.

When you select a Trigger Mode from the Trigger Mode Menu, it changes the Mode for all Parts.

If you only want to change the Trigger Mode for the currently selected Part, hold the Option/Alt key while selecting the desired Mode.

Watch the MIDI And Trigger Mode tutorial for a demonstration of this useful feature.

When Groove Menu Mode is active, the Trigger Mode feature makes it possible to trigger all the Groove Elements of a Suite in real-time with MIDI notes and yet keep them all synchronized with each other, as well as the rest of a sequence.

In the past, playing any looped audio material live in-sync with other musical elements was challenging because precise timing was required. This was difficult to do for a variety of reasons—latencies, inaccurate performances, etc. Trigger Mode solves these problems by input-quantizing live MIDI input when in Groove Menu MIDI Mode. With Trigger Mode, RMX is able to delay the beginning of audio playback of the Grooves from each incoming MIDI note, until the sequencer reaches the next point on the bar/beat grid. This makes it easy to play multiple loops in a live performance with complete synchronization.

Trigger Mode controls the playback start time of:

  • MIDI notes played live via a keyboard in Groove Menu Mode
  • MIDI notes played from a sequencer track in Groove Menu Mode
  • Groove Elements selected via the mouse in the Elements window on the Browser Page in both Groove Menu and Slice Menu MIDI Modes.
  • The Part Play buttons in both Groove Menu and Slice Menu MIDI Modes.
  • The All Play button in both Groove Menu and Slice Menu MIDI Modes.

NOTE: Trigger Modes can be set independently on each of the eight RMX parts.