Dual Live Mode is designed to be used with two independent MIDI controllers. It divides the eight Parts into two sets of four (Parts 1~4 and Parts 5~8) and each set can receive MIDI messages on its own MIDI channel.

Activating Dual Live Mode

To activate Dual Live Mode, click on the Settings Zoom magnifying glass and select DUAL in the upper right. All the SETTINGS will be duplicated so each set of parts can have independent control over modes, MIDI Input Channel, display formats, etc.

The color scheme is changed so that Parts 5–8 are highlighted in white instead of yellow in both Mixer and Jumbo views.

NOTE: Parts can still be re-ordered in Dual Live Mode. Parts can be moved vertically in Mixer view or between the two columns in Jumbo view (and therefore switched between MIDI channels), simply by dragging them from one column to the other.

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