Trilian authorization can be done immediately from any computer connected to the Internet.

1. After opening Trilian in your sequencer or running the standalone, click the Trilian splash screen.

2. You will now see the Trilian Authorization System window. Click the REQUEST AUTHORIZATION button to copy your challenge code.

3. Log in to your User Account with your name and password. If this is your first authorization of Trilian, you’ll need to add it to your account by pressing the “Add a product to your account” button under the Registered Products table.

4. Enter your Trilian serial number in the box that appears below the button:

5. Go back to Trilian and press the REQUEST AUTHORIZATION button once again and your Challenge code will automatically be pasted on the Authorization page. Please enter the details about your computer as well, as it will be necessary should you require tech support. Press the “SUBMIT” button to continue.

6. Below your Response code select the “Copy” button and return to Trilian.

7. Press the PASTE button and your Response Code will now be displayed in Trilian.

8. Select the CONTINUE button.

9. Now remove the instance of Trilian from your host sequencer.

10. Re-insert an instance of Trilian into your host.

Trilian will now be authorized and fully functional.

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