When CC Mode is selected, Part Regions can be switched or cross-faded using MIDI Control Change messages from a MIDI hardware slider, knob, or wheel. Each Region can be mapped to specific values across the MIDI CC’s range. The MIDI CC number that STACK MODE uses is chosen from the MIDI CC menu in the top left of the STACK MODE page.

All of the Regions will respond to selected CC number. The current MIDI CC value is displayed as a single vertical gold bar in the footer of the Grid and will update as you move the control.

  • In the example above, CC1 (Mod Wheel) is chosen.
  • In the bottom range of the wheel, you will only hear “Bang Street.”
  • As you push the Mod Wheel up past 24, the sound changes to “TR-Surrender.”
  • In the middle range, as you move the wheel between 48 and 84, “TR-Surrender” will cross-fade with “Atlas Sphere.”
  • You will only hear “Atlas Sphere” when the wheel is between 84 and 108.
  • When the wheel is near the top (above 108), you will only hear “Big Boy OSCar.”

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