SOLO allows the Patch to play monophonically and is the most effective when playing lead or bass lines. It works in conjunction with the LEGATO button below it, which determines how the sound is triggered.


Legato is a triggering mode that prevents the Envelope from being re-triggered with each new note. If LEGATO is not selected, then each new note will re-trigger the Envelopes on each Layer. When Legato is enabled the Envelopes are not re-triggered with each new note.

NOTE: In vintage synths, Legato ‘ON’ would be referred to as “Single Trigger” while Legato ‘OFF’ would be “Multi Trigger.”


Glide is a portamento effect, which adds a pitch slide from one note to the next. Trilian’s Glide function is polyphonic, which means that every note that’s played will have a sliding pitch. Selecting the SOLO button above it enables monophonic Glide.

The control slider next to the GLIDE button determines the rate at which the pitches slide from one note to the next. The higher the control fader is set, the slower the Glide between notes.

Range 0 ~ 8 seconds


    Glide Legato will change the criteria for when GLIDE is enabled. If legato notes are played, then GLIDE will be activated. If quick, staccato notes are played, the Glide effect will not be heard.

    GLIDE can be used on just one Layer if desired. By default, when GLIDE is selected, both A & B will active. If neither A or B is selected, no GLIDE effect will be heard, and the GLIDE button will turn itself off.

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