Trilian supports Soundsources of up to four channels, called Sublayers. Each Sublayer one can be mono or stereo. The controls in this section allow you to mix the output channels.

Sublayer Power Button

Turning this button OFF mutes the audio and disables that Sublayer from using memory resources or CPU usage. Turning it ON will reload the Sublayer.

Sublayer Level

Each Sublayer has a Level fader. Moving the fader to the left decreases volume, moving the fader to the right increases volume.

Range -inf to + 9.54dB


Selecting this button mutes the audio output for that Sublayer. However, the Sublayer is still playing in the background when muted, and will continue to use CPU resources. This button is modulateable.

PH+/- (Phase Invert)

Selecting this button reverses the phase of the Sublayer.

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