As a bonus for Omnisphere users, Trilian also fully integrates as a Satellite Instrument within the Omnisphere interface. Not only is it a significant expansion of new Patches and Soundsources, this capability allows Trilian / Omnisphere users to harness the full synthesis power of the STEAM Engine® and to explore endless new sonic possibilities and combinations.

If you have both Omnisphere and Trilian installed, your Trilian libraries will appear in the Omnisphere Browsers and Browser DIRECTORY menu along with your other Omnisphere libraries (after a brief re-authroziation).

When Trilian Patches are loaded in Omnisphere, Trilian’s Custom Controls page will be automatically displayed when the Patch is loaded from the Mini Browser (or revealed when you close the Full Browser). Each Trilian Patch contains its own Custom Controls layout that brings together all the most useful parameters of that Patch.

Trilian and Omnisphere Controls

To switch to the Omnisphere interface, just click on the OMNISPHERE CONTROLS button in the top left of Trilian’s interface:

Conversely, selecting the TRILIAN button on the Omnisphere interface when a Trilian Patch is loaded will return you to the Trilian Custom Controls page.

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