All of Trilian’s six dedicated Envelopes are capable of generating contours with hundreds of points. Right/Control-clicking anywhere in the Envelope display are will bring up the Envelope Curves Menu with a list that allows points to be added or removed, followed by a list of preset curves.

Clicking and dragging directly on the curve can change the orientation and position of the curves. A crosshair will appear that will move the curve in any direction within the limits of the curve and a small numerical window will appear above the display, indicating the magnitude of the curve.
Range: 0.000 ~ 1.000

Some curves default to maximum level settings, such as Spike, Pulse, and Bump. To reduce the levels, click and drag and the cross hair will appear that will allow the amplitude of the curve to be changed.

Deletes the currently selected point
Puts a new point at the place in the Envelope display.
A gradual slope between the points.
A steeper, more exponential slope between the points.
Places a three-angle pulse shape between two points.
A sharp point with a gradual slope on one side.
Adds a right angle between the points.
Places a straight line between the points.
A rounded bump that rises and falls between the points.
Four Pulses
Introduces four pulses between the points.
Three Pulses
Introduces three pulses between the points.

NOTE: If your cursor is between points and you right-click or double-click to add a point, the stage you add will be the same type you are near—e.g. Curve, Linear, etc.

NOTE: Whether an Envelope is considered SIMPLE or COMPLEX depends on the number of points (or stages) it has. Since there are many preset curves available, it’s possible to have a SIMPLE envelope, but with a complex shape, as it only has four points:

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