Many of the basses in Trilian come with True Staccato Patches.

These True Staccato Patches are focused on real-time performance.
The Sustains are mapped at the bottom of the keyboard, and the matching Staccato samples are mapped three octaves higher.
By alternating your left hand on the sustains and your right hand for the staccatos, you can achieve realistic repeated-note performances.

It takes a little time and practice to get used to the True Staccato playing technique, but as you experiment, you’ll find that you can achieve much more expressive “bass-player-style” performances—it’s a lot of fun too!

For the Pick Basses, the “True Upstroke” is mapped at the top, allowing for real-time alternation between downstroke picking with the left hand, and upstroke picking with the right hand.

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