There are 33 different professional quality FX Units to choose from in the Trilian plug-in.


  • Tube Limiter
    Both a limiter and compressor; modeled on the fat, warm sound of the famous Fairchild™ 670 tube limiters from the 1960s.
  • Tape Slammer
    This fully controllable compressor simulates different types of analog tape compression, tape saturation, and even tape age.
  • Vintage Compressor
    Modeled on the “go-to” vintage Universal Audio LA-2A™ and 1176™ compressors, this unit has a warm and musical sound.
  • Modern Compressor
    Modeled after the legendary SSL™ buss compressor, this compressor adds a bright, “solid-state” character to the sound.
  • Gate Expander
    A traditional noise gate effect that also works well as an expander.


  • Vintage 2-band EQ
    Modeled after the Pultec™ EQP2-A tube equalizer, with a warm and musical tone.
  • Vintage 3-Band EQ
    Modeled after the Pultec™ EQP series tube equalizers, renowned for their musical and fat tones.
  • Graphic 7-Band EQ
    Useful for tailoring a full spectrum audio source with broad control of multiple bands.
  • Graphic 12-Band EQ
    Useful for tailoring a full spectrum audio source with fine control of multiple bands for precision control.
  • Parametric 2-Band EQ
    Provides precision frequency control, with two fully sweepable, overlapping bands.
  • Parametric 3-band EQ
    Provides precision frequency control, with three fully sweepable, overlapping bands.


  • Formant Filter
    A filter based on the characteristics of the human vocal tract, with adjustable headsize and vowel controls.
  • Power Filter
    Developed in cooperation with GForce Software, and based on their famous and super-musical impOSCar™ filter design.
  • Valve Radio
    A unique device that functions both as a dual filter and a distortion device—includes drive control and a gate.
  • Wah-Wah
    Modeled after classic wah-wah pedals of the 1970s, with LFO modulation that can be synced to the host tempo.


  • Smoke
    A guitar amplifier-modeling effect, with a nice variety of amps and cabinets modeled after hand-made amps from smaller, boutique amp manufacturers.


  • Flame
    Scorch your audio with this extremely versatile distortion and bit-crushing unit.


  • Ultra Chorus
    A rich and thick chorus unit that features some unique LFO modulation options.
  • Retro Phaser
    Classic phaser unit with a vintage, low-fi vibe, a darker tone, and a “DIRT” switch. Can be synced to the host tempo.
  • PRO Phaser
    A versatile and rich phaser design capable of going way beyond traditional phaser effects.
  • EZ Phaser
    Best suited for classic phaser effects—very easy-to-use and understand.
  • Retro Flanger
    Classic flanger unit with a warm, vintage character. Complete with a “DIRT” switch.
  • Flanger
    Provides many traditional flanging and tuned resonance effects. Can be synced to the host tempo.


  • Chorus Echo
    Inspired by the classic Roland Chorus-Echo™ units from the 1970s. Features a modulated delay line that can be synced to the host tempo and includes a vintage chorus mode, as well as a “Dirt” switch.
  • BPM Delay
    A single, true-stereo delay unit that is always synchronized to the host tempo.
  • BPM Delay X2
    Dual-mono delays that are always synchronized to the host tempo.
  • BPM Delay X3
    Triple L-C-R (left-center-right) mono delays that are always synchronized to the host tempo.
  • Radio Delay
    A dual-mono, BPM-style delay, with the delayed signals passed through Trilian’s Valve Radio distortion filter. Can be synced to the host tempo.
  • Retroplex
    Modeled after the tape echo units of the ’60s and ’70s such as the Echoplex™. Delays and Echos are selectable from any year: 1960 through 2000!


  • PRO Verb
    Ambience controlled with surgical precision, Pro-Verb is the premier, studio-quality reverb unit in the Trilian FX arsenal. Extremely versatile, hi-res, and rich-sounding.
  • EZ Verb
    A simple-to-use, basic reverb unit that uses less CPU power, and sounds great!
  • Spring Verb
    Faithfully recreates the classic vibe of the spring reverbs of early guitar amplifiers.


  • Imager
    A handy device that can be used as a stereo image widener, phase corrector, and more.

How many FX units can be used at one time?
It’s possible to have a huge number of simultaneous FX Units active in one instance of Trilian. Any of the FX Units can be put into one of the 4 slots in a Trilian FX Rack. plus the 5 Multi racks. Up to 37 FX Racks can be open at once.

Here’s the structure:

  • 4 Effects per rack x 4 racks per part = 16 Effects/Part
  • 16 Effects per Part x 8 Parts = 128 FX


  • 4 Effects per rack x 4 Aux racks + Master rack = 20 Effects per MULTI

This equals 148 possible simultaneous FX Units (depending on your computer’s capability).


Each FX Unit consumes different amounts of additional CPU power, so the number of simultaneous FX Units depends on the available CPU power of your computer. Some FX, like the PRO-Verb, can use more CPU power, depending on which settings are used.

To maximize CPU performance in multi-timbral, LIVE or STACK applications, it’s recommended to bypass any Part FX Units which can be shared by other parts (especially reverbs and delays). A good approach is to copy a Part FX Unit’s settings, bypass it, and then paste the settings into a free Aux rack for shared use by the multi-timbral Parts. In other words, the signal from multiple Parts can be sent to one FX unit. Think of a hardware recording console, where the signal from multiple channels is sent through one hardware reverb.

Some FX Units have two pages. The second page parameters can be reached by clicking the arrow on the right side of the plug-in. Usually, it’s labeled “MORE” or lists the types of parameters found on the second page.

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