Latch and Trigger Modes extend the performance capabilities of Trilian, especially when used together with LIVE MODE and/or STACK MODE. Used together, they enable a wide range of creative performance, live remixing, and composition techniques.


The LATCH button allows you to toggle LATCH ON / OFF for the selected Part.

When LATCH is enabled for a Part, repeatedly playing a note will toggle the note ON and OFF. When it is toggled ON, the note will continue to sustain, even if the note is released. Playing the same note again will toggle it OFF. If you are already holding sustained notes when you enable LATCH, those notes will be latched. Any latched notes will stop as soon as the host transport starts or stops.

NOTE: Any latched notes will stop as soon as the host transport stops and disabling LATCH for a Part while it’s playing will immediately send an “All Notes Off” message to the Part. The tails from FX and release stages from envelopes will continue to decay. The “All Notes Off” message applies only to notes playing on that Part.

Trigger Modes

Trigger Modes enable real-time quantization of incoming MIDI notes, so that Parts will always play in sync. This makes it easy to experiment and improvise along with other clocked sources without losing synchronization. These features are a lot of fun to use for jamming and building ideas quickly!

The Trigger Mode icon displays the current Trigger Mode for the selected Part, and allows you to access the Trigger Mode menu for that Part.

To change Trigger Modes, select the TRIGGER icon and choose the desired Trigger Mode from drop-down menu. A checkmark will appear next to the selected option and the Trigger Mode icon will change to reflect the selected Trigger Mode.

Immediate: This is the default Trigger Mode. MIDI input is not quantized and playback of MIDI notes is immediate.
Next 16th: This option delays the playback of incoming MIDI notes to the next 16th note. In other words, notes are quantized in real time to the next 16th note. If you play ahead of the next 16th, there may be a slight delay before the note sounds. This delay will be a maximum of a 16th note at the current tempo. This mode makes it easy to play quick phrases in perfect sync with other Parts or clocked sources.
Next Beat: This option delays playback to the next beat. If incoming MIDI notes arrive ahead of the next beat, the delay is a maximum of one beat. Next Beat mode makes it easy to trigger rhythmic patches in perfect sync, and when used together with Latch Mode, for layering phrases that are quantized to the beat in real time.
Next Bar: Delays playback until the next bar. If MIDI messages arrive ahead of the next bar, the delay is a maximum of one bar. This mode is especially useful if you want to synchronize phrases on the downbeat of a measure. You can press a note anytime in the previous bar and it will wait until the next bar to play.

NOTE: The selected Trigger Mode also affects a Part’s Arpeggiator, LFOs, and Envelopes. These will also be delayed until the note itself is triggered.

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