The Controls Page in Trilian brings together all the most useful parameters of a bass Patch, in addition to certain custom controls created by Spectrasonics Sound Designers for individual Patches. This provides a huge amount of editing power and allows you to make instant changes to a bass sound without ever leaving the page.

Each Trilian Patch has its own Controls layout and what is included will depend on the type of instrument loaded — parameters that are most suitable for performance with that Patch, along with LEVEL and OCTAVE controls.

For example, an Acoustic Bass Patch might have Microphone and Pickup mix Controls, Release Noise Levels, and controls for a Compressor, while a Synth Bass Patch might instead have Filter Cutoff, Resonance, and Envelope Controls more related to Synth Basses.

Although the interface appears quite simple, the Controls Page offers additional power and flexibility as most of the Controls can be MIDI-Learned, and Host-Automated.

The Global Button, located in the upper right below the Spectrasonics logo, allows you to edit parameters for multiple Parts simultaneously, using a single Control for each parameter.

This is especially useful when loading a bass Multi which includes special articulations like the Chapman Stick Keyswitch All.

Here, all the loaded articulations share the identical Custom Controls. The Global Button allows you to set parameters like Mix, FX, etc. uniformly across all Parts by editing only one.

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