The Oscillator section is the heart of Trilian’s sound capabilities. It provides direct access to the Soundsource Browser, the Soundsource Zoom, controls for Special Articulations such as Legato and Release Noises, and Sample Thinning controls. It also provides sound tweaking controls such as Sample Timbre and Sample Start, and gives access to FM synthesis and Harmonia settings using the sub-pages.

FM Frequency Modulation synthesis
RM Ring Modulation synthesis
WS The Wave Shaper
HRM Harmonia

Trilian’s enormous core-library comprises over 30GB of high-definition, multi-channel, multi-velocity layered, sampled bass sounds called Soundsources. These Soundsources cover a wide spectrum of bass sounds: direct pickup and mic’d channels, articulations, and effects. The library includes the deeply sampled Trilian basses, the remastered Trilogy library, a vast collection of unique Synth Soundsources, and the bonus collection of the enhanced Bass Legends library.

NOTE: The Main Oscillator Zoom Sub-page is accessed from its tab inside the Oscillator Zoom.

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