LIVE MODE offers four ways to switch or layer the eight Parts:

  • MIDI Notes
  • MIDI CC messages
  • MIDI Program Change
  • Mouse (or Windows Multitouch)

The first three methods use MIDI Learn to set up how the Parts will respond. Although all four methods can be active at the same time, only one can be displayed at a time on the interface. The SHOW MENU lets you choose which Part selection method’s information is displayed on the LIVE MODE page.

Part Numbers, Key Assignments, or MIDI Learn assignments are displayed in the boxes to the left of the Part names in both Mixer and Jumbo Views.

SHOW: Key Select
Displays the MIDI Note assigned to select the Part.

Displays the MIDI Control Change number assigned to select the Part.

SHOW: Program Change
Displays the MIDI Program Change number assigned to select the Part.

SHOW: Part Number
This is the default display, which corresponds to the actual Part Number.

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