Welcome to the Keyscape Reference Guide!

Software 1.5.1c
Soundsources v1.5.0c
Patches v1.6.0c

This Reference Guide is your source for comprehensive information about the functions and features of the Keyscape system and all its components.

Selecting “Reference Guide” from the Utility Menu will open this online Keyscape Reference Guide — it will be displayed using your default Web Browser, which is viewable on any computer, pad, or mobile device.

The Reference Guide is indexed so you can easily search for specific topics. The complete Keyscape Reference Guide also is available in PDF by selecting the “Download as PDF” button at the bottom of the Directory:

You can also print just the page you are reading by clicking the small printer icon in the upper right of each page.

If you’d like to hide the Table of Contents sidebar in order to display any of the images in a larger format, click on the “collapse” arrow located on the top right of the sidebar.

Enjoy the learning process and we hope you make some great music using Keyscape!

– The Spectrasonics Team