1. Insert the Keyscape USB drive “A” into an available port on your PC and open the drive image “Spectrasonics Keyscape A.”

2. Open the PLEASE READ.pdf file first for information about the installation process, then double-click the Keyscape Installation.url file.

3. Once your web browser is launched, log in to your Spectrasonics User Account.

4. Click the “Download” button to download the current installers to your PC.

5. From your Downloads folder, open the Keyscape Installation folder. Review the “PLEASE READ.pdf” for information about the installation options, then open the “Windows” folder.

6. Double-click the “Keyscape Installer.exe” file to launch the installer.

7. Click the “Next” button and that will take you to the “Read Me” step which contains Installation Info.

8. Review and “Accept” the License terms to begin the installation process.

9. The installer will list the default installation path for the 64-bit version of the VST plugin (NOTE: Keyscape does not work as a 32-bit plugin.)

10. Next you’ll see the default path for the large library files to be installed. If you wish to change the location to a secondary drive, click the “Browse…” button and choose that location.

11. At the “Ready To Install” step your installation paths will be detailed. Click the “Install” button.

12. You’ll then be prompted to choose an installation type, either the Full 77GB install or the 30GB Lite install. The Lite option will only install the files on drive A. Click “Yes” to install the “Full” option and “No” to install the “Lite” version.

13. The installer will then verify which installation type you’ve selected.

14. If you selected the “Lite” option, the installation will be completed after the data from drive A is installed. If you selected the “Full” installation option, you’ll be prompted to insert Keyscape B into your USB port. After inserting Keyscape B press “OK” to continue the installation.

15. When the installer has copied the library files from Keyscape B, the installation is complete. Close the installer and refer to the Authorization section of the guide for authorizing Keyscape.