The MIDI section allows you to set the incoming MIDI channel, assign a different MIDI Controller to act as the Mod Wheel (CC#1) or allow Keyscape to respond to Expression (CC#11).


Use the pull-down menu to choose any incoming MIDI channel from 1-16.

Mod Wheel

Some Patches in Keyscape have the Mod Wheel (CC#1) programmed to modulate specific parameters (e.g. Wah on several Clavinet C Patches). This menu allows you to override the Mod Wheel and remap to a different MIDI Continuous Controller.

If you would like to use a pedal instead of the wheel, simply select the drop-down menu and a pop up will appear that says “Move MIDI Controller.” Then press the pedal (or any other physical controller you would like to use) to remap it.

Select “Reset to Wheel” to return to the default setting.

Expression Control

The default setting for Expression is ON. Expression (CC#11) is useful when you want to control a sound’s volume without affecting the overall instrument output.

It is commonly used for “swells” and is a scaled version of the Master Volume. When you set the Master output (which is controlled by CC#7) any Expression volume will not exceed that level.

Set it to OFF if you want to use CC#11 for something else, such as MIDI Learn.