When a violinist quickly rocks his finger back and forth on a string, it adds motion to the tone by subtly varying the pitch up and down. Instrumentalists and vocalists of all kinds use vibrato to enhance their sound. This effect can also be achieved by using a low frequency oscillator (LFO) to modulate the pitch of electronic instruments, mimicking what happens acoustically. Certain amplifiers and effects pedals process sound in this way.

In the Patch, “Celeste – Vibra Retro,” we use emulations of the classic electronic vibratos from the Roland JC-120 amp and the Univibe pedal.

Type 1 is JC-120 mono
Type 2 is JC-120 stereo
Type 3 is Univibe mono
Type 4 is Univibe stereo

Amount controls the amount of pitch modulation and Speed controls the rate.

In the Patch, “Duo – Liquid Vibrato” the Vintage Vibe Electric Piano can be processed with an emulation of the Roland JC-120 amp.

The Mono button switches between a monaural and stereo output.