The TIMBRE controls in Keyscape affect the sound in a unique way by changing the harmonic structure, attack, or overall tone.

In the Patch, “Toy Piano – Classic,” when using Color Shift, the samples are pitch-shifted up or down and then transposition-compensated, creating interesting (and sometimes radical) changes in harmonics. The Transient knob controls the start time of the samples, creating a softer attack.

In the Patch “Chimeatron – Chimes,” the Bell Attack knob controls the start time of the samples, controlling how much bell tone is present in the attack.

In the Patch, “Rhodes – Classic Amp Warm Blues,” the VELO switch beneath the Color Shift knob causes the color-shifting to react to the velocity of your playing – the harder you play, the brighter the sound.

In the Patch, “Duo – Pianet Vibrabell,” the Tone Boost increases the low frequencies for a fuller sound.

In the Patch, “Dulcitone,” the Low Cut knob controls the cutoff frequency of a high-pass filter, where frequencies below the cutoff are removed. When the knob is fully-clockwise, most of the bass response has been filtered out.

In the Patch, “Duo – Tack Grand,” there are Color Shift controls for each model, Grand and Tack.

NOTE: Due to the harmonic variance that occurs when using Color Shift, certain instruments will sound out of tune with other instruments that have not been modified in this way.