One of the great things about recording to analog tape is the way in which the sound is “warmed up” by the naturally-occurring tape saturation (a subtle, warm-sounding distortion) and compression.

In the TAPE sections the signal is sent to a modeled analog tape recorder to achieve these effects.

In the Patch, “Celeste Vibra Retro,” Saturation controls the amount of signal that is sent to the modeled analog tape recorder and, as a result, how much tape saturation occurs.

In the Patch, “Classic Toy Piano,” Threshold sets the audio level at which the unit starts to simulate the tape compression. If the input signal is below the threshold level, the unit does not apply any compression. Once the level crosses the threshold, the compression begins to affect the signal.

Gain controls the level of the output signal after it has been processed.

In the Patch, “LA Custom C7 Grand,” the Age control emulates the way older tape stock loses high end over time. Turning the knob all the way to the left yields a brighter sound and fully-clockwise darkens the tone. The PAD button beneath Gain reduces the input to the compressor by 6dBs.