A Phaser is a common effect that moves a duplicate signal in and out of phase with itself, creating a swirling, sweeping sound. It was first introduced in the 1970s and is commonly used with electric pianos and electric guitars.

In the Patch, “Duo – Mellow Phase Vibe,” we use a software emulation of the MXR Phase 90 pedal.

Amount controls how much of the effect is applied, Rate controls the speed at which the modulation occurs, and the Mono button switches between a monaural and stereo output.

In the Patch, “Electric Harpsichord – Slow Phase,” we use software emulations of several 1970s-era analog phaser units.

Preset 1 uses a custom analog chorus and phaser combo, preset 2 uses a model of the Oberheim Phasor, and presets 3-6 use modeled variations of the MXR Phase 90 pedal.