The MIX controls let you balance the elements that comprise each model’s sound. We used various techniques to record these instruments, depending on what sounded the absolute best. These techniques range from using combinations of close and room mics, to direct outputs and vintage internal pickups.

In the Patch, “Rhodes – Classic Ballad,” the MIX section allows you balance the sound of the Direct output of the instrument with the noise made by the Mechanical action. The LEDs below each knob allow you to toggle those channels ON / OFF.

The Celeste was recorded using Close Mics, which make it sound as if you were playing the instrument, and Room Mics, which reproduce the sound from farther away like it would sound on an orchestral stage. This particular celeste also has a pickup to increase its volume via an amplifier. We’ve included the direct output from this model’s original Vintage Pickup, which has an entirely different character and can be used by itself for a drier sound, or in conjunction with the mic controls for a more defined attack and fuller tone. The Mono button folds the stereo output into mono.

The Clavinet-Pianet DUO is presented with individual outs for both the Clavinet and the Pianet. In addition to the balance between the two, you can choose the pickup configuration for the Clavinet.

  • A selects the pickup in the middle of the strings for a rounder tone.
  • B selects the pickup next to the bridge for a brighter tone.
  • A + B selects both pickups.
  • A–B selects both pickups and places them out-of-phase with each other for a classic funk sound.

The Electric Harpsichord was recorded using each of the direct outputs from two sets of electric guitar-style pickups.

Pickup 1 is located near the plectra for brightness, Pickup 2 is near the strings’ halfway-point for a rounder tone, and we recorded the acoustic sound with a large-diaphragm room mic. The Phase button places the pickups out-of-phase for a different color.

In the case of Duo Patches, such as this Patch called “Duo – Liquid Vibrato,” the MIX controls let you balance each model’s output.