Ever since the amplifier was invented, guitar players, keyboard players, and bass players alike discovered that the louder you turned up an amp, the more it would overload and introduce a pleasing, “fuzzy” sound. Soon, players sought out all sorts of ways to produce this “distortion.” New preamp and gain-staging design was added to amplifiers so they could distort at lower volumes and distortion “pedals” (small electronic devices operated with footswitches) began cropping up everywhere as the search for the perfect “fuzz” sound continued. Each of these “stompboxes” had a unique sound and we have modeled eight of the most popular vintage Distortion pedals for use with many of the keyboards in Keyscape.

BD-2 Classic, creamy, blues tones from one of the best overdrive pedals of its type.

SCREAMER Boosted midrange overdrive, loved by blues players. Think Stevie Ray Vaughn.

SD-1 Provides a warm, tube-like distortion, while retaining clarity.

DOD 250 Smooth, Classic Rock tone.

FUZZ FACE Classic from the 1960s, used by the Beatles, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, to name a few.

SOLA A descendant of the Arbiter Fuzz-Face, this cool distortion pedal form the mid-sixties was a Classic Rock staple and made a comeback in 2012.

MXR Tons of sustain in this mustard-colored classic, often used in Classic Rock and Heavy Metal.

BIG MUFF Electro-Harmonix developed this from earlier models called Axis Fuzz and Foxey Lady, obvious nods to Hendrix.

In the Patch, “Rhodes Piano Bass – Drive 1,” you can select any of the 8 distortion pedals.

Drive controls the amount of distortion and Tone brightens or darkens the post-distortion signal.
The DISTORTION section can be turned ON / OFF with the label switch above the controls.