Chorus is an effect commonly used with electric pianos and electric guitars and was first introduced in the 1970s. It creates a doubling effect as an LFO shifts a duplicate signal subtly in and out of tune with itself – alternately sharp and flat.

In the Patch, “MKS-20 – E.Piano 1,” you can choose between seven different chorus options.

  • MKS – Emulation of the Boss CE-2.
  • TC-E – Emulation of the TC Electronic Chorus.
  • JC-120 – Emulation of the analog vibrato from the Roland JC-120 amp.
  • Ultra 1, 2, 3, 4 – Four settings from our Ultra Chorus, ranging from subtle to more dramatic.

Depth controls how much detuning is applied to the sound and Rate controls the speed at which the modulation occurs.

In the Patch, “Electric Grand CP70 – Dry,” the CP-70 can be processed with a software emulation of the Boss CE-2 Chorus.

Mix controls how much of the original signal is mixed with the effect. The Mono button switches between a monaural and stereo output. The CHORUS section can be turned ON / OFF with the label switch above the controls.

In the Patch, “Duo – Hollywood Rhodes,” the MKS-20 can be processed with your choice of three chorus options. Amount controls how much chorus is applied.