Certain Patches contain a MODULATION FX, section that allows you to select a variety of modulation effects (Chorus, Vibrato, Phaser, etc.) that work great with that particular model.

In the Patch, “Wurlitzer 200A,” you can choose from seven user-modifiable effect presets set up specifically for this model.

Chorus 1 and 2 use an emulation of the Boss CE-2 chorus pedal and Chorus 3 is a software replica of the TC Electronic Chorus pedal. Phaser 1 uses a model of the MXR Phase 90 pedal and Phaser 2 uses a custom analog chorus and phaser combo. Univibe uses a faithful emulation of the classic chorus/vibrato pedal and Vibrato is a software recreation of the classic vibrato from the Roland JC-120 amp.

Amount controls how much modulation is added, Rate controls the speed of the modulation, and the Mono button switches between a stereo or mono effect.

In the Patch, “Clavinet-Pianet DUO – Phaser,” OB PHASOR uses a model of the Oberheim Phasor pedal. Depth controls the amount of modulation.

In the Patch, “Planet T,” TREMOLO emulates a classic amp tremolo effect and ENSEMBLE recreates the classic Solina Ensemble effect from the Arp Solina String Ensemble. The STEREO button switches between a stereo or mono effect.