Understanding Parameter Control

There are two ways to control parameters in Keyscape:* MIDI Learn* and Automation.

Deciding which type of Parameter Control to use depends on a number of factors including which host you use, which parameters you want to control and what type of physical controller (if any) you wish to use to control the parameters. Here are some guidelines:

MIDI Learn

MIDI Learn enables full remote control of Keyscape’s parameters from MIDI Devices. Almost any parameter in Keyscape can be MIDI-Learned. MIDI Learn assignments are saved with your project. This method is ideal for live performance or recording MIDI-controlled changes into your host on the fly. Parameter adjustments using MIDI Learn are typically written to a MIDI track in the host software. MIDI Learn assignments for the plug-in can also be saved separately and loaded as template presets.

Right/Control-clicking a parameter in Keyscape opens a contextual menu that offers several MIDI Learn options. To learn more about MIDI Learn, please refer to the MIDI Learn section.


With Automation messages, changes made to parameters can be recorded in the host software. Parameter adjustments are typically written to an automation track, and in some hosts, you can draw (and edit) the automation curves directly in the track. This method is most useful for mixing and fine tuning parameter changes over time on an existing performance in your host.