Preamps are electronic devices that capture a very low-level signal, such as that from a magnetic pickup or microphone, and are used for instruments such as electric guitars or electro-mechanical keyboards to increase their level and prepare the signal for the main amplifier, improving the quality and decreasing noise in the recording chain.

All preamps add a certain color to the sound and some can be overdriven for a pleasing distortion. The Peterson preamp we used to record our Rhodes – Classic is highly desirable for its tone and warmth.

In some Rhodes Classic Mark I Patches, like “Rhodes – Classic Late ’70s,” where the Peterson Preamp is a large part of the sound, we have included a PREAMP section.

The selectors change the character of the preamp.

CLEAN – not affected
WARM – fuller tone
SCOOP – reduced midrange
MIDRANGE – boosted midrange
CRUNCH – slightly overdriven
BRITE 1 , 2, and 3 – boosted high end

The Bass and Treble knobs control basic tone and the Presence knob boosts very high frequencies.