Character selectors choose between overall tone choices preset for the particular model, allowing for unprecedented versatility.

In the Patch, “LA Custom C7 – Ballad,” the Character selectors are paired with a Color Shift control.

The Radio Button LEDs give you several tone choices:
PURE lets you hear the unchanged, natural tone of the model. SOFT gives you a mellower tone and DARK removes some of the high-end sparkle. STUDIO gives you a clarity that cuts through a mix and WARM has a fuller tone. CLEAR and STAGE give you a brighter tone and HARD is great for Rock, Pop, and Country.

When using Color Shift, the samples are pitch-shifted up or down and then transposition-compensated, creating interesting harmonic changes.

Using Color Shift and Character together gives you considerable control over the model’s tone. For example, selecting DARK and turning Color Shift to the left gives you a warm and lush sound, while selecting HARD and moving Color Shift to the right yields a super-bright tone with a crisp attack.