There are numerous options available for navigating sounds and changing how they are organized and displayed. These tools let you sort sounds in different ways, including your Ratings. Because there are so many sounds to explore, these tools will help you delve deeper into the Library.

Sort Menu

The Sort Menu includes five ways to sort the list of sounds: Featured, Ratings, Alphabetical Forward, Alphabetical Reverse, and MIDI Learned.


In order to make it easier to find the best examples of the newest sounds, Featured sounds are displayed by default at the top of your list. This list is updated with each Patch update.

Selecting the “Featured” sort option will display Featured sounds at the top of the sounds list. You will also find a special selection of Featured sounds when you’re browsing the library by Category. For example, if you select Electric Pianos in the Category column with the Featured sort option selected, you’ll see a specially selected list of Featured Electric Pianos sounds displayed at the top of the list.

A-Z & Z-A

The A-Z & Z-A options provide a simple way to view the sounds in alphabetical order. Select Z-A to reverse the order, and A-Z to restore it.


Select “Ratings” from the Sort Menu to reveal the space between Patch names where you can rate Patches from 1-5 stars. When you later select Ratings, the rated Patches show up with the highest-rated Patches at the top.

You can UN-rate a Patch by clicking in the empty space just to the left of the stars.

MIDI Learned

Sorts any of the sounds that you’ve learned using MIDI CC, MIDI Note, and/or MIDI Program Change at the top of the list, along with the learned parameters below each sound name. See the MIDI Remote Control for more details.

Shuffle Button

It’s a common error to browse only the sounds near the beginning of the list. Every time the Shuffle button is selected, the order of the sounds will be randomized. This button is useful for keeping the list of sounds fresh and inspiring, instead of always showing the same sounds at the top of the list.

Browser Stepper Buttons

The Stepper Buttons let you step through the sounds in the Browser one at a time. When you step to the next sound, it will be selected and loaded.
The Browser Stepper buttons are controlled from the up and down arrows of your computer keyboard. Sometimes it is preferable to have this disabled so you can use the arrow keys to step through tracks in your host. This behavior can be disabled on the System Page.


When changes are made to the library outside of the Browser (e.g. manually moving User Patches in the Mac Finder or Windows Explorer), use the Refresh Button to update the Browser display.


Press the Audition button to play Middle C in any Patch that is loaded.

Audition – Auto Play

Auto Play is the default setting, but it can be disabled by clicking on the small arrow to the right of the Audition button.