Equalization (EQ) is the process of adjusting the balance of the various frequencies that comprise a sound. By boosting or cutting certain frequency bands, you can add fullness or brightness to a sound, or reduce frequencies that seem harsh or conflict with other instruments in the mix.

Depending on the needs of the particular instrument model, there are different types of equalizers presented in the Custom Controls. Certain models include very detailed equalization controls and in others, simple bass and treble controls are the perfect complement.

In the Patch, “Double Felt Grand – Distant,” the Equalizer section lets you adjust the frequency and gain for Low and High shelving, as well as Mid frequencies.

The Patch called ”Dulcitone” uses “shelving” EQ, meaning that everything below the chosen low frequency and everything above the selected high frequency is either reduced or increased by the gain controls. Lo Freq and Hi Freq let you dial in the desired frequency while Lo Gain and Hi Gain cut or boost. The EQUALIZER section can be turned ON / OFF with the label switch above the controls.

The controls in the Patch called ”Dolceola” allow you to cut or boost preset Low, Mid, and High frequencies and adjust the post-EQ Gain.

Sometimes simple Bass and Treble controls are all that is needed, such as in the Patch, ”Toy Piano – Glock.”

The highly detailed equalizer used in the ”LA Custom C7 Grand Piano” and ”Wing Upright” was modeled after the vintage Pultec™ EQP2-A model tube equalizer. The unique characteristic of this classic design is that on each EQ band, the same frequency can be broadly cut and boosted simultaneously. This might seem counter-intuitive, but allows for fine-tuning and musical results.

The two bands (Lo and Hi), work separately as shelving EQs, allowing you to boost or cut all frequencies above or below the selectable cutoff frequency. You can cut and boost around the selected frequency at the same time, for a customizable curve. The high frequency section includes a “Q” control that allows you to set the bandwidth of the frequency you are modifying.