There are many elements that affect the tone and character of a sound. Keyscape’s Custom Controls give you precise command of these elements and are presented in ways that are idiomatic to the instrument and most applicable to each Patch. These controls allow you to go far beyond the original sound, showcasing specially crafted performance controls and high-quality creative effects.

Keyscape’s intuitive interface has been designed to allow a wide range of operations, from basic interaction with Factory Patches, to comprehensive and complex sound modification and performance tools. Overall, Keyscape’s interface provides an accessible and intuitive workflow which offers the depth and flexibility for the needs of any User.

All Custom Controls pages are accessible via the Page Tabs.

The MAIN page contains Mix, Performance, Timbre, or FX — the controls that you reach for first. In addition to MAIN, each Patch is presented with up to 2 additional pages of specifically designed Custom Controls.

These Custom Controls vary with each Patch. Our software team closely modeled the authentic behavior and mojo of vintage amplifiers and classic effects units, and provided control over subtleties like mechanical noises, pedal noises, and release noises / overtones – bringing these sounds to an entirely new level of authenticity and dynamic expression. These FX include Tremolo and Phasers for electric pianos, Wah-wah for Clavinets, Chorus for vintage digital sounds, and many others. You will also find unique controls such as Lo-Fi (for a retro sound) and Color Shift, which affects an instrument’s harmonic structure.

By presenting the most useful parameters for each Patch, Keyscape’s Custom Controls allow you to take these instruments into unexpected sonic territories.

Every Patch contains the SETTINGS page, where you can fine-tune additional performance settings, and the INFO page, which includes performance tips and historical notes.