Keyscape is an extraordinary virtual instrument that features the largest selection of collector keyboard instruments in the world. From “holy grail” pianos to stunning keyboards you didn’t even know existed, this is a keyboardist’s dream come true. Each of the 36 rare instruments has been carefully restored and then deeply multi-sampled for best-in-class sound. These sought-after and highly dynamic sounds will inspire you to PLAY!

Not only are the sounds authentic, the Custom Controls presented for each patch allow you to go far beyond the original sound. Keyscape’s intuitive interface showcases useful performance controls and high-quality creative effects which have been specially crafted for each patch. The 450 included patches showcase the remarkable versatility and ability to dramatically customize these iconic sounds to your music.

Along with the hundreds of Patches based on the 36 instrument models, Keyscape includes special hybrid “Duo” sounds which combine two instruments to create something entirely new. The unique timbre of these Duo patches make them some of the most creative and inspiring sounds in Keyscape!

While it’s every performing keyboardist’s dream to have the very best instruments instantly available anywhere, Keyscape is equally useful in the studio for producers and composers. Since these instruments can be easily transformed into amazing “unreal” sounds with the powerful STEAM Engine® under the hood, Keyscape easily turns these coveted instruments from History into innovative new sounds of the Future.