Keyscape installation is available as a download option through our Techshop. Once you download Keyscape via the Download Manager, follow this set of instructions to install it on your Windows system. You’ll need around 155GB of free space available on your hard drive for the “Full” installation and 105GB if you choose the “Lite” installation.

NOTE: When installing from the download, the installer uses around the same space as the files it installs so the sizes are doubled.

1. From your Downloads folder, open the Keyscape Installation folder. Review the “PLEASE READ.pdf” for information about the installation options.

2. Open the “Windows” folder and double-click the “Keyscape Installer.exe” file to launch the installer.

3. Begin the installation process by clicking “Next.”

4. Review and “Accept” the License terms to start the installation process.

5. The installer will list the default installation path for the 64-bit version of the VST plugin (NOTE: Keyscape does not work as a 32-bit plugin.)

6. Next you’ll see the default path for the large library files to be installed. If you wish to change the location to a secondary drive, click the “Browse…” button and choose that location.

7. At the “Ready To Install” step your installation paths will be detailed. Click the “Install” button.

8. You’ll then be prompted to choose an installation type, either the Full 77GB install or the 30GB Lite install.

9. The installer will then verify which installation type you’ve selected.

10. The library from Keyscape will now be written to your data drive.

11. Once completed, close the installer and refer to the Authorization section of the guide for authorizing Keyscape.