Master Tuning
This area determines the settings for Master Tuning, the Startup Page, and Preferences for how the Patches operate.

This is Keyscape’s Global Tuning parameter. Any tuning change you make on Master Tuning will affect any other tuning settings in the instrument. The default is 440Hz, which is the standard for most Western music. For other tuning standards, Keyscape’s Master Tuning can accommodate any of them.

Range – 420Hz-460Hz
Round Robin

Keyscape’s Soundsources include multi-sampled Round Robin samples—we recorded multiple takes for each note and velocity. Repeated notes trigger a different sample each time they’re played. A single Soundsource can contain a huge number of Round Robin samples.
The Round Robin Menu lets you select how Round Robin samples will be ordered when two or more Round Robin samples are loaded into memory.
There are four playback options available on the drop-down menu: No Variation, Random, Random Full Cycle, and Sequential.

NOTE: The Sample Thinning settings located in the Settings tab determine how many Round Robin samples are loaded with the Patch. 

Startup Directory Preference

Keyscape’s default startup directory is the Factory Directory. This menu allows you to select from either All, Factory, or User Directories as the default.

Browser Up/Down Arrow Keys

This setting allows you to use your computer keyboard’s arrow keys to control the Stepper buttons. When you step to the next sound, it will be selected and loaded. The default is ON.
Custom Controls Tab Reset

When enabled, this function will ensure that when you change from one Patch to another, the Main Custom Control Tab is selected.

When disabled, if a Patch has a different Tab selected, Keyscape will continue to display that Tab when another Patch is selected.