This QuickStart section provides an overview of the essential things you’ll need to know to get started using Keyscape.

  • Keyscape is a powerful software instrument and can be run as a standalone application or hosted in any DAW.
  • As some of the models are highly-detailed and contain thousands of samples, Keyscape can be memory-intensive. A fast system with plenty of RAM will greatly enhance performance. Be sure and check out the System Optimization section.

1. Install Keyscape
Installation time will vary depending on the installation type you choose (Full or Lite). The “Lite” installation requires approximately 30 GB of hard drive space (60 GB for download installation) and the “Full” requires around 80 GB (160 GB for download installation).

2. Authorize the Plug-in
Authorization can be done immediately from any computer connected to the Internet.

3. Get Everything Updated
In order to make sure you have the latest versions of the Software, Soundsources, and Patches, follow the Smart Update instructions.

4. Loading Sounds
Sounds are loaded by selecting them from the Browser on the left.

5. Explore and Learn
For more in-depth information, explore this Reference Guide – the primary manual for Keyscape. This guide can be viewed on any computer or mobile device and can be searched, downloaded as a PDF, and/or printed for easy access to all the information you need.

6. Support Resources
Online resources are available that can answer most technical questions. Please log in and visit our Knowledge Base at:

7. Have Fun!
We hope you enjoy using Keyscape and make some great music with it!

-The Spectrasonics Team