Any device in a recording chain comes with some inherent noise – from electro-mechanical instruments to amplifiers, microphones, and pre-amps – basically anything electronic. Electrons are always moving around and that movement creates noise. When sampling an instrument note by note, every note that is recorded contains the full noise floor of the recording chain. That natural electronic noise can build up when playing multiple notes anf can also be emphasized by certain EQ or compression settings.

Although there are some amazing noise reduction technologies available, removing noise is never a perfect science. We found that processing the pristine recordings in Keyscape to remove noise caused them to lose a certain magic, even when treated with the finest NR tools available. Like many of the slight imperfections in any instrument, it is actually part of that instrument’s character.

Therefore, we decided to leave some of the natural noise in the samples. However, in those models that have a bit more noise, we have included proprietary DE-NOISE controls, leaving the choice to the user. There are times when you might want a certain amount of noise for a natural sound and other times when it is preferable to have none at all.

The DE-NOISE selectors let you reduce the apparent noise by selecting the strength of the noise reduction.