Selectors, Switches, and Numerical Indicators appear in several forms in the Custom Controls, but once you understand the simple conventions, using them is easy.

There are three types of Selectors:

Radio Button LEDs – click on either the LED or the name.

Pull-Down Menus – click on the selection to open a menu, or use the up/down arrows.

Selector Knobs – rotate the knob to the desired position.

There are four types of ON / OFF Switches (highlighted in yellow is ON):

Section Label Switches for entire sections, affecting all the bracketed controls.

Auxiliary Label Switches below the controls for additional features.

LED – Click on the LED under the knob to turn the model ON / OFF.

Button Switches – Click on the button to turn the control ON / OFF.

Numerical Indicators appear above the knobs as soon as you move them. Depending on their functionality, controls will show exact settings in percentages, ranges of dB, time, frequency, or a range between 0.000 and 1.000.