The Keyscape Standalone has a built-in metronome. You can hide/show the controls by clicking the arrow in the center of the Footer.

You can activate the Metronome by clicking on the icon in the Footer. When ON, it will be highlighted. The Metronome can also be turned ON/OFF remotely by right-clicking on it and using MIDI Learn.

To change the Metronome’s volume, right-click on the Metronome icon, then navigate to “Volume” to reveal volume options.

NOTE: If the Metronome is active when starting a FLOW CAPTURE recording, it will stop when the recording stops.

Setting the Tempo

  • You can manually enter any tempo value to one decimal place by clicking once in the Tempo field and entering the tempo in BPM (Beats per Minute). Then simply click outside the Tempo field or hit Return/Enter on your computer keyboard.
  • You can change the tempo by dragging the blue bar right or left (or by holding your mouse cursor over the rectangle and scrolling).
  • The Tempo can also be set by using Tap Tempo.

Range: 20.0 ~ 300.0 BPM

NOTE: When using FLOW CAPTURE, the tempo is saved in the MIDI file, along with any tempo changes you might make during the recording. This ensures that if you decide to continue developing an idea in a DAW, the audio and MIDI files created from your recording will line up.

Using Tap Tempo

Tap Tempo lets you set the Tempo of the Standalone’s Metronome by clicking the TAP button in time with the desired tempo. The new Tempo will be set after a minimum of three taps, but will continue to update as long as you are tapping.