To control Omnisphere using the Nord Lead 3, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Connect the Nord Lead 3 to your MIDI interface.

  • Set up the front panel controls to send MIDI.

  • Make certain your MIDI interface is configured as the input in the host software you’re using (DAW, Standalone, etc.).

  • Activate the Clavia Nord Lead 3 Hardware Profile in Omnisphere 2.6 or higher.


  • Select the MIDI button on the Nord Lead 3’s panel.
  • Press the DOWN NAVIGATOR button (“Sort Mode”) until the Program Change & MIDI Controllers page appears.
  • Make certain that both “PrgChg” and “MIDICtrl” are both set to “Snd&Rcv” (Send and Receive).


Open your host (DAW, Standalone, etc.) and make sure the MIDI interface you’ve connected the Nord Lead 3 to is enabled as a MIDI input device.

Omnisphere Standalone Pro Tools


Open Omnisphere and from the header, select the HW menu button:

From the drop-down menu, select “Nord>Nord Lead 3” to activate that hardware profile.

Unassigned Controls

The following Nord Lead 3 controls have no effect on Omnisphere:

  • Master Level
  • Morph Assign Controls
  • Monitor/Copy
  • SHIFT Functions: LFO1 and LFO2 Mono


Not working? Here are some things to try: 

  • Is your DAW receiving MIDI from the Nord Lead 3?
  • If you are using the Omnisphere standalone host, make sure the MIDI output channel of the Nord Lead 3 matches the MIDI channel of the Omnisphere Part you want to control.
  • Make sure your DAW is configured to correctly route the MIDI output of the Nord Lead 3 to the MIDI channel assigned to the desired Part in Omnisphere.


Still not working? More questions?

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