The following models have controls that send System Exclusive (SysEx) messages:

- Access Virus C
- Access Virus TI
- Roland D50 + PG1000
- Roland GAIA
- Roland JD-XA
- Roland JD-Xi
- Roland JP-8000
- Roland JP-8080
- Roland JUNO-106
- Roland SH-201
- Roland Super Jupiter

On Windows, plug-ins cannot read messages directly from the MIDI port, so Omnisphere relies on the hosts to relay the SysEx. That means that depending on the host you are using, some controls on the hardware may have no effect in Omnisphere.

The following hosts relay SysEx messages to Omnisphere:

- Omnisphere Standalone
- Cubase 9
- Reaper v5.96
- Cantabile

The following Windows hosts do not relay SysEx, so SysEx controls will not work:

- FL12
- Cakewalk (Bandlab)
- Ableton Live
- Digital Performer
- Studio One
- Pro Tools