To control Omnisphere using the SE-02, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Using a USB cable, connect the SE-02 to your computer.

  • Download and install the appropriate SE-02 USB driver on your computer.

  • Verify that your SE-02 is transmitting MIDI control through USB.

  • Enable “Boutique” as a MIDI input device to Omnisphere in the host software you’re using (DAW, Standalone, etc.).

  • Activate the SE-02 Hardware Profile in Omnisphere 2.5 or higher.


Check to see if the necessary Boutique USB driver has already been installed by opening up the Omnisphere Standalone (or your preferred DAW) and verify the Roland SE-02 is on your list of MIDI inputs.

If the SE-02 is not listed as a MIDI input, download and install the driver that is compatible with your computer’s operating system from the Roland Support page. Restart the host and you should see it listed.


Use the following steps make sure the controls in your SE-02 transmit MIDI through USB:

  • Access the System Settings by holding down EXIT while switching the power ON.
  • Press button [5] and using the VALUE knob choose USB.
  • Press the VALUE knob to save the setting.


Open your host (DAW, Standalone, etc.) and make sure the SE-02 is enabled as a MIDI input device.

Omnisphere Standalone Pro Tools


Open Omnisphere and from the header, select the HW menu button:

From the drop-down menu, select “Roland>Roland SE-02” to activate that Hardware Profile.

Unassigned Controls

The following SE-02 controls have no effect on Omnisphere:

  • Osc 1 Tune


Not working? Here are some things to try: 

  • Make sure the MIDI Channel is set to Ch.1.
  • Is the MIDI Out port set up properly?
  • Is your DAW receiving MIDI from the SE-02?

As a last resort, you can restore factory defaults by performing a Factory Reset by following the steps below. Note that this process will erase all user saved presets on the SE-02.

  • Turn off the SE-02
  • Hold down the [1] button while turning the power ON.
  • Press the MANUAL button to execute the factory reset.
  • When the display indicates F in turn the SE-02 OFF and back ON again.


Still not working? More questions? 

Feel free to contact us directly and we can work with you: 

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