To control Omnisphere using the Pro 2, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Connect the Pro 2 to your computer via USB.

  • Set up the Pro 2’s front panel controls.

  • Activate the Pro 2 Hardware Profile in Omnisphere 2.6 or higher.

  • Set up Omnisphere to work with the Pro 2 Touch Sliders (optional).


  • Press the Global button on the Pro-2’s panel.
  • Using Soft Knob 1, scroll though the Global parameters to “6. MIDI Param Send.”
  • Using Soft Knob 2, set “6. MIDI Param Send” to “NRPN.”

  • Lastly set “11. MIDI Out Select” to “MIDI+USB.”

NOTE: In the latest firmware for the Pro 2, engaging the Arpeggiator will produce erroneous MIDI pitch information in Omnisphere. This issue is not present in earlier versions of the Pro 2 firmware.


Open your host (DAW, Standalone, etc.) and make sure the Pro 2 is enabled as a MIDI input device.

Omnisphere Standalone Pro Tools


Open Omnisphere and from the header, select the HW menu button:

From the drop-down menu, select either “DSI – Sequential>Sequential Pro 2 Paraphonic” or “DSI – Sequential>Sequential Pro 2 Polyphonic” to activate that hardware profile. See the Profile Notes section below for details.


The Pro 2 has two position- and pressure-sensitive touch sliders. Each slider serves as two modulation sources and their values are determined by finger position and pressure. These sources appear in the Pro 2’s modulation matrix as Slider 1 Position, Slider 2 position, Slider 1 Pressure, and Slider 2 Pressure. You can set up Omnisphere to respond to them.

Go to Omnisphere’s System Page and in the Modulation assignments section, click on the Sostenuto menu and select “Move MIDI Controller.”

Gently slide your finger over Touch Slider 1 to capture the position controller number. The Sostenuto menu should display “CC 14.”

Click on the Soft Pedal menu, select “Move MIDI Controller” and slide your finger over Touch Slider 2 to capture the position controller number. The Soft Pedal menu should display “CC 15.”

Click on the Legato menu, select “Move MIDI Controller” and press Touch Slider 1 to capture the pressure controller number. The Legato menu should display “CC 16.”

Click on the User CC menu, select “Move MIDI Controller” and press Touch Slider 2 to capture the pressure controller number. The User CC menu should display “CC 17.”

To use the touch sliders as modulation sources, press and hold ASSIGN MOD SOURCE on the Pro 2 and touch either of the sliders.

Profile Notes

The Pro 2 is a great synth and also a very nice controller for Omnisphere! In designing this hardware profile, we made decisions to achieve a balance between being faithful to how the Pro 2 works and using its panel creatively to make the most of it for controlling Omnisphere. Since the Pro 2 is a paraphonic synthesizer, we decided to present two Hardware Profiles for it: one Paraphonic and one Polyphonic.

The main difference is that in the Paraphonic version the filter modulation is monophonic, simulating a paraphonic signal path. In the Polyphonic version the modulation to Filter 1 is polyphonic and the modulation to Filter 2 is monophonic, making it possible to combine both.

Unassigned Controls

The following Pro 2 controls have no effect on Omnisphere:

  • Volume
  • Sequencer
  • Cue/Play List
  • BPM
  • Tap Tempo
  • Hold


Not working? Here are some things to try:

  • Make sure the GLOBAL button is deselected on the Pro 2.
  • Is your host receiving MIDI from the Pro 2?

As a last resort, you can reset all Globals to the factory defaults by holding down Global and Write. After doing this, please follow the setup instructions again. 


If you use Ableton Live and find that Omnisphere does not respond to the Pro 2 after the profile is loaded, simply adjust these two controls (in no particular order):

After adjusting the controls, it’s OK to return them to their original condition (e.g. OFF, then ON again). This will reset Ableton Live’s NRPN logic and allow Omnisphere’s NRPN to respond. Once NRPN is working, it will work indefinitely until Omnisphere is restarted.


Still not working? More questions? 

Feel free to contact us directly and we can work with you: 

Tech Support 
888-870-4223 toll free 
Monday – Friday 10AM – 5PM Pacific Time