All of Omnisphere’s factory sounds have at least three ATTRIBUTE TYPES assigned to them, and can have up to eight ATTRIBUTE TYPES. Each ATTRIBUTE TYPE can have multiple ATTRIBUTE ASSIGNMENTS.

Required & Optional Types

There are two kinds of ATTRIBUTE TYPES: Optional and Required. Any ATTRIBUTE TYPE highlighted by a thin red box indicates that it is Required—meaning that Attributes must be assigned to them. Optional ATTRIBUTE TYPES (those without a red box) don’t require Attributes assigned to them.

Required Attributes work per category: all the sounds in the same category will require the same attributes when saving them.

If you are saving a sound in a category that already exists in the Omnisphere Library (i.e. Synth Poly), the required attributes will be those that Spectrasonics chose for that category and can’t be changed. If you save sounds to category with a unique name, you can determine which attributes are required.

The Required indicator can be expanded or contracted on custom sounds, however Required ATTRIBUTE TYPES in factory presets cannot be changed.

Reordering Attribute Types

ATTRIBUTE TYPES can be reordered by dragging them vertically into another position. The first three ATTRIBUTE TYPES will be displayed in the Attributes columns in the Browser Filters.

Attribute Types in factory sounds are fixed, and can’t be reorganized. Of course any Multi or Patch can be saved as a new User Multi or Patch and the ATTRIBUTE TYPES can then be customized.

Create New Attribute Type

By selecting the drop-down menu next to any Attribute Type a custom Attribute Type can be created by selecting “Create New Attribute Type.”

Enter the name of the new Attribute Type in the field and it will be added to existing types in the ATTRIBUTE TYPES column. When you create a new Attribute Type, it’s also necessary to create new ASSIGNMENTS for the new Attribute Type. Please see the section on adding ASSIGNMENTS for details.

Removing Attributes

The “Remove This Attribute” option is available from the ATTRIBUTE TYPES drop-down menu, and when selected, will do one of two things. If the Attribute Type is a factory Attribute Type (e.g. Author, Complexity, etc.) then all custom ASSIGNMENTS will be removed, but not the Attribute Type itself. If it’s a User-created Attribute Type, it will remove it and all of its ASSIGNMENTS.

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